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Sacred not Secret
The Official Guide in Understanding the LDS Temple Endowment

Temples, synagogues, and holy places have been revered and sanctified throughout human history as places where a mortal can get closer to the Gods. In ancient times, both animal and human sacrifice stained the foundation of many of the temples constructed according to the differing spiritual beliefs espoused throughout the world. In modern times, the sacrifice of flesh has given way to the sacrifice of money and prestige, which allow a person to enter these houses of God and perform secret ordinances of salvation.

Sacred, not Secret—The Official Guide In Understanding the LDS Temple Endowment  takes the reader inside one of the most prolific and visible religious symbols on earth - the Mormon Temple.  No other religion on earth has as many temples, per capita to it’s members, as the LDS Church.  New temples are being built and planned daily throughout the world. What is perplexing to the non-LDS member, however, is what these “Houses of God” actually represent.

Inside the temple is presented one of the most beautiful and explicit ordinances ever established among mortals. It was prepared and constructed by a true prophet, who was commanded “not to disclose his true identity” to the people he was called to teach. The mysteries of God in their fullness are revealed in the symbolic and profoundly figurative presentation of what the LDS people call “The Endowment.”

For the very first time, this endowment is explained in it’s entirety. There has never been, nor will there ever be, a more concise and complete explanation given of the purpose of LDS temples and the instruction given therein. Though not published by the mainstream LDS Church, this book stands as the Official Guide In Understanding the endowment because it’s author is the only one who has ever been privy to the true meaning of all the endowment’s symbolism.

The book is profound! Whether the reader is LDS or not, he or she will be left with an understanding and perspective of truth and reality never before considered. Furthermore, the claims of the author, who is the same lone author of all the books presented in this Marvelous Work And A Wonder, can only be validated if they can meet the requirement of Real Truth: Does it make sense?

After reading the book, the reader will concede that the LDS Temple Endowment truly does make sense—a lot of sense!

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